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LyricWiki combines forces with Pedlr which has been by far our most successful site to date with lyrics to over 200,000 songs and 150,000 views per day – has been rolled into the world’s first Social Marketplace – Pedlr as the new!

This will be great for both sites and will serve as a good springboard to get more users on the site before its formal launch on February 26th.

We’ve been working on Pedlr for five months now, and it is our biggest project ever. This Social Marketplace blends ecommerce and marketing tools into the more traditional social network to create a new dynamic where even indie musicians (or soon – artists, photographers, filmmakers) have the power to sell their digital content directly to their fans!

If you read this blog… suffice it to say that the most profound thing I could say on this blog pales with the statement that I’m trying to make with my code on Pedlr. To see what I truly mean on this blogsign up for Pedlr – you won’t be disappointed.